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Any suggestions for troubleshooting linux embedded UEFI/slimboot boot issues?

nieknooijens Posts: 2
edited August 2023 in Kernel Development

Hi all

If this is the wrong board feel free to delete it.

So, I'm having this embedded intel platform with an Intel Atom x6425RE CPU.
I compiled slimbootloader, combined and stiched it with the IFWI firmware and the UEFIBOOT.fd from the edk2 UEFIpayloadpkg, and things seem to work.

I can get an UEFI shell on my UART (pciserial, 0:30.1 / 0:1e.1 -> VID:0x8086, PID 0x4B28)

However, the moment I jump to the kernel's entry point I lose all serial output.
earlyprintk=pciserial doesn't work. I even added some code to the EFISTUB and it does print up to the point it leaves the EFI environment.

anyone having suggestions how to troubleshoot? anything is welcome!


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