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3.2 Step 15 hang on Waiting for the kubelet to perform the TLS Bootstrap


On 3.2 step 15 I am baffled.
It hangs at at the "Waiting for the kubelet to perform the TLS Bootstrap..." step.
I ran "journalctl -u kubelet -n 50" and saw:

My hosts are: k8scp localhost

The k8scp is the internal ip of the "carneal-k8-ctrl-1" aka the "cp" in the lab


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,177

    Hi @carnealse,

    These symptoms could be related to infrastructure configuration.
    What are you using to provision your VMs - what local hypervisor or what cloud?
    Are there any firewalls in place protecting your VMs? If so, did you happen to watch (and follow along) either of the demo videos from the introductory chapter? The firewall is recommended to be open, to allow all inbound traffic from all sources, all protocols, to all destination ports on the VMs.
    What are the sizes of your VMs (CPU, mem, disk)? What is the guest OS? What is your host workstation's native OS?



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