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Setting Up K8 with CIFS

Was hoping to confirm if these projects or plugins are still relevant for letting up Pods to connect to Windows Hosted CIFS Stores?




  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,014

    Hi @magnezone150,

    Seems that both projects referenced are based on the flexvolume plugin.

    However, as of Kubernetes 1.23, the flexvolume plugin is deprecated. If you are planning stay on 1.23 or earlier, it may be a solution worth looking into, probably as a replacement for your current CSI driver :wink:


  • magnezone150
    magnezone150 Posts: 14

    Hey @chrispokorni

    The Cluster I'm using in my test environment is v1.27.1 and Work Cluster is currently v1.23 going to v1.24 soon.

    Do I use this CSI driver? or is there a different one I should look at?



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