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Unable to Download the tarball to access YAML files.


In the section - Lab 2.1. Overview and Preliminaries ; below link is not working when I provided the password and Username as given. I tried Web UI and Wget commands from local but still facing the issue that provided details are incorrect . Please help:
wget https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFD259/LFD259V2023-05-31SOLUTIONS.tar.xz\


  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 448

    Hi @shriramg,

    As noted in Lab 2.1, depending on your software, if you are cutting and pasting the above commend from the PDF, the underscores may disappear, so you may have to edit the command line by hand.

    You can also download course materials by following instructions in Chapter 1 > Course Information > Course Resources.

    Thank you,
    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • harringtont

    @shriramg I had the same issue and get a 404 for the file. Looks like the domain has changed but the lab and the docs haven't. Try this:

    wget https://cm.lf.training/LFD259/LFD259_V2023-05-31_SOLUTIONS.tar.xz 

    with the auth credentials mentioned. @mstepien would be great if could pass this on please to update the lab and course especially given the price here. Thanks.

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,946
    edited July 2023

    Hi @harringtont ,
    You can always use the other alternative to download the SOLUTIONS file, from the introductory chapter, the Course Resources page.

  • harringtont

    Thanks @fcioanca


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