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First Time Setting Up Linux Infrastructure - Domain?



I'm an IT professional (15 years) - all in Windows environments. I have been interested in Linux for well over 10 years and run Mint on my laptop.

I've never setup a Linux infrastructure, though (file server, dhcp, dns, etc.). I started to do that using virtual box vm.

I just installed CentOS 7 as a server and would like to configure it as it would be used in a corporate environment (smaller scale, of course).

Coming from a Windows background, one of the first things I would setup for centralized user and computer object management is a domain and add the server as a domain controller.

What is the equivalent of a domain controller in Linux? I know there is OpenLdap but is there anything included in the server os that is used? What are the steps to setup a linux server to be used in a corporate environment?



  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    You definitely want to research some textbooks on Linux networking. Because CentOS is equivelant to RedHat, textbooks that teach networking with Fedora or RedHat would be good choices. You can start by visiting this site as it will help you get familiar with Networking with Linux.

    You will need one computer for sandboxing. It will be the all-in-one system. Use it to play with the various applications that CentOs server offers, install and remove, and do it again until you get comfortable with it.

    Linux Networking
  • allenr74
    allenr74 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply and link.


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