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I am running Debian 12 on 32-bit hardware. Is thisAllowed here?



Lately, I've been receiving a lot of hate for daring to run Debian Bookworm on my 32-bit tablet, and I feel as if I've been punished for deciding to continue using a tablet which I believe is still quite usable. I understand that 64-bit hardware is the new norm, but I don't think that all hardware should be pushed into obsolescence and made redundant just because there is something different available. Yes, I am having a few hardware problems, but I believe that a solution exists, but before I open a thread with my question asking for help, I want to know if use of such hardware is accepted within this forum. I am by no means an expert using Linux, but I have been a C (and ASM) programmer, and have been working on my project for several years, and my tablet would be the most perfect medium for continued development. This tablet is almost perfect. Almost.


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