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Lab 5.1 Step 14

yodai Posts: 1
edited July 2023 in LFS244 Class Forum

I've finished until step 17 without any issue but I can not see the result of page when I try to access into my browser.

Step 14
Re-enter the top-level directory for this lab => What does mean?

i.e. : Current my helm is below directory;
├── Dockerfile
├── index.html
├── quotegen
│ ├── Chart.yaml
│ ├── templates
│ │ ├── _helpers.tpl
│ │ ├── api-test.yaml
│ │ ├── deployment.yaml
│ │ ├── pre-delete-hook.yaml
│ │ └── service.yaml
│ └── values.yaml
└── server.py


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,118

    Hi @yodai,

    On step 14 you seem to be in the correct project directory, since step 15 displays its contents in a tree style output (running the tree . command).

    On step 17 the validation with the browser assumes that the IP address of the Kubernetes node running the application and port 30001 accept inbound (or ingress) http traffic. This means that you may need to specifically define a firewall rule that allows such traffic, as it may be blocked by default rules.



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