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2.3 Help for anyone using OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)


Labs in OCI

I was peering through the forum because I was having issues on 2.3 using OCI with
Ubuntu 22.04 compute instance. Here is my guide for those who are also on OCI.

Errors encountered

  • Worker couldn't join K8s cluster
  • Unable to curl node running ngnix
  • Unable to curl cluster.


In this order fixed my errors.

Disable/Configure iptables & firewalls..

When trying to get my worker to join the Kubernetes cluster I kept getting timeouts, if that is the case there is a misconfiguration on the CP iptables/firewall

Create the VCN and configure Ingress/Egress

Match these ports: https://oracle.github.io/cluster-api-provider-oci/networking/calico.html


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