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curl to my nginx services dont work


Dear comunity. in order to save money y create my cluster using kubectl. Right now i am deploying my firs aplication lab 3. I have my cluster ip but when i try to do a curl the aplication does not answer. Any has been trying creating the cluster in its mac local machine?.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,190

    Hi @mauricioamadob1927,

    Can you please provide the name of the hypervisor used on your mac to provision the lab environment? Also, what type of virtual network connects the VMs? Is the hypervisor configured to allow all traffic to the VMs (from all sources, to all port destinations, all protocols) ? What guest OS is running the VMs, how much CPU, memory, and disk are assigned to each VM? Is your mac equipped with an M1 or M2 processor?

    Please provide the outputs of the following commands:

    kubectl get nodes -o wide

    kubectl get pods -A -o wide



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