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PSI network issue

botsukoi Posts: 4
edited July 2023 in LFS258 Class Forum

My scheduled exam is today 2PM Philippine Time. I tried launching the exam at 1:30 to initiate the setup but as of this writing, 2:47PM, I'm still getting weak internet connection from PSI when I am:

  • wired connected
  • no other devices on the network
  • speedtest shows my speed is good

How can I take the exam when PSI bridge keeps saying that my connection is weak and I have to close the browser. It's really frustrating!

I opened a ticket in LF (TCCS-73002), but no one has taken it yet.


  • botsukoi
    botsukoi Posts: 4

    It's now evening my time and the ticket I opened hasn't been assigned yet. Unbelievable!

    The exam's status now shows as "grading in progress". What are they grading when PSI keeps dropping me?

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,904

    Hi @botsukoi

    Please note that response time can take several business days, (no weekends or holidays).



  • botsukoi
    botsukoi Posts: 4


    Thanks for the response.

    My apologies for the sound of my post, it's just that the mood from reviewing really hard for the exam to the day on taking the exam has been causing me anxiety giving that this is my retake. Now I'll have to wait what will happen to my schedule. My killer.sh sessions will be expiring soon so I won't have any good training materials to use while waiting for the decisions + I need to work on deliverables so I'm making the most out of the free time that I have.

    I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

  • botsukoi
    botsukoi Posts: 4

    Just an update on this issue and a quick backtrack.

    My retake was scheduled on Monday this week 03-07-2023 at 6AM UTC to 8AM UTC but shit happens:

    • 30 mins prior to the exam, PSI browser keeps on dropping telling me that my connection is poor even though I passed the system check required by PSI and Twilio is showing me excellent bandwidth.
    • logged a ticket 20 mins prior to my exam schedule to LF about my issue.
    • 2 days after, LF responded to my ticket and was generous enough to give me another schedule which I picked today, 07-07-2023 at 6AM UTC to 8AM UTC
    • 07-05, I opened a ticket to PSI telling them about the issue I'm getting with their browser which keeps telling me that I have poor connection on Chrome even if I passed all the requirements in Firefox and Twilio still giving me excellent output for bandwidth. I was told it is a bug that has not been resolved. I then confirm if it is okay to launch PSI browser with FF instead of Chrome, I was told "yeah that's fine".
    • 07-07 (today, Friday), 30 mins prior to exam I launched PSI on FF. Same behavior happens during 03-07 where I can't reach the proctor and PSI will drop my connection telling me that I have poor connection. Talked to 3 Engineers from PSI, they're all doing the same shit:
    • disabled my audio drivers
    • reinstalled Chrome
    • adjusted my DNS servers
    • disabled my AV (even tho I have already mentioned from the beginning that I did disabled it)
    • restarted routers and PC which I did several times prior to exam
    • asked if I have laptop, told them I have but I can't use it due to company policies I can't override
    • took me almost 2 hours and a half talking to Engineers from PSI doing the same thing
    • told them that I am hardwire to the router and I ain't gonna use wifi on desktop

    at the end, I just gave up and decided not to pursue it because we're just doing the same steps were doing way back 07-05. I showed them (PSI Engineers) what their Twilio link for bandwidth is showing me as well as the message telling me that I "passed" system checks.

    I'll open a ticket with LF today and inquire about their refund policy. I'm tired of this. The preparation for the retake, the sleepless nights only to have a technical issue from PSI browser which even their Engineers don't know what's causing it is ridiculous.


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