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30sec network disconnect and lost 30mins of exam time


Dear Linux Foundation Team,

During participating CKA exam, I faced a very short network disconnect (Not more than 30sec) and lost connection to the exam portal. As soon as I noticed a network disconnect, I connected to a backup wifi network and tried to log back in. When I got online with backup wifi (in under one minute), the exam portal showed I have to go through the verification step again. I thought that the verification and all the re-processing time will not be deducted as the examinee is not taking the exam.

At that verification phase, I had to wait over 20-25mins just to get the checklist specialist and once the specialist got in for my session, the complete checklist of showing room, table, and devices had to go through all over again which approximately took around 10mins. In total, it took at least 30mins for the overall phase.

When I could resume the exam, the time left is only 40mins, and the time I disconnected and all the verification/re-processing required for the platform has been deducted from my exam duration already. At the time of disconnect, I have left over 75mins of remaining time and when I joined back in, there is only 42mins remaining.

I asked the proctor regarding with this but apparently, they don’t have enough authorization to adjust or alter the exam duration.

As you may understand, 30mins is a huge chunk of time to complete multiple questions, especially for first-time CKA exam takers. I could have done better results with this amount of time but now, I could only complete a few questions, am sure to fail now and wasted one exam attempt for an unreasonable cause.

Is there any way I can re-claim this attempt as almost 25% of exam time is wasted for exam platform requirements and checklist specialist availability?




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