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Office hours - Jun 27 (LFS258)


Two boot camp participants joined today. One participant asked general questions about the boot camp format and the recommended learning plan, while the second participant had a more specific issue - was not able to connect to his GCE instance from any SSH client. All error messages pointed at a possible firewall misconfiguration.
As configuration glitches are rare, we still recommended clearing the current instance, firewall and VPC, then to follow the video guides from the introductory chapter for setting up the lab environment on GCP to reconfigure all networking (VPC and firewall) and GCE instance.



  • @chrispokorni i was supposed to join too but my time zone is WAT +1 . please could we have a calendar invite so that our classes could be attached to the calendars? Thank you

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,163

    Hi @adesojialu,

    You can validate the start time a boot camp office hour is offered with https://time.is

    The office hour start time and time zone can be found in the logistics course of your boot camp. Once converted to the correct local time, you can easily add a calendar event, recurring if desired, so you get the reminder in time to join the office hour session.

    Otherwise it is impossible to send out calendar invites to all learners enrolled in a boot camp as each learner is currently at a different stage of the learning path, thus having different office hour needs, if at all.

    Hope to see you in the upcoming office hours!



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