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Appendix for Cilium Network Plugin Missing


In the instructions for Lab 3.1 on page 10 where it has you install the Calico network plugin, there is a message saying that instructions for installing the Cilium plugin as an alternative will be in an Appendix:

The Cilium network plugin is becoming popular, and has lots of options including eBPF and more. At the moment
the exam still references Calico. Should you want to try the labs a second time there is an appendix to install
Cilium instead.

There is an Appendix B titled "Cilium Network Plugin" but it is entirely blank. Is this a mistake or is the content just not ready yet despite the current verbiage in the lab?


  • jmfwss
    jmfwss Posts: 4

    In V_2024-02-22 it's still missing.


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