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Knoppix acting strangely, denied copy permission

I am migrating from windows and have mostly successfully used ubuntu and other Debian based distros for close to two years. I know very little about the command line. I cut and paste when I have clear directions for that. I know probably 5 CLI commands. Still hasnt really been a problem with Ubuntu and other distros I use. I fell in love recently with knoppix because you can run off a flash drive and lots of other reasons. Anyways I just ran into a problem I havent seen before. I am trying to copy some of my music files off of knoppix onto another usb drive. Knoppix keeps telling me denied and I dont have permission. I went into properties of the folder and files changed all permissions to "anyone" but I still get the same denied. I know how to open the root terminal but I dont know how to copy files to another usb via command line. I dont know that this is even the problem anyway. Knoppix has never given me a problem when copying or moving files around in the past. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


  • sedor
    sedor Posts: 9
    You should really start using the shell, in order to get a full understanding of Linux. Linux permissions are managed in three groups:

    user – determines what the file’s owner can do with the file
    group – determines what members of the file’s group can do with the file
    others (world) – determines what everyone else on the Linux system can do with the file

    Can you try executing the following command as root:


    This should give all users all rights. For more info, check here:

    chmod command


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