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How to lose $700 in PSI. Real experience.


My monthly salary is $800. In 2021, I purchased LF258 + CKA exam ($250). The LF258 course was truly fantastic, and when Black Friday came around, I decided to put my full trust in Linux Foundation and bought the following courses for $500: LFS50 + KCNA + LFD259 + CKAD + LFW211 + JSNAD. I had an excellent experience with the Killer.sh platform; it was fast and stable. Last month, I took my first attempt at CKA, and it was impossible to type commands at normal speed. For instance, if you type 'kubectl,' it hangs while typing 'kubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' until you hit Ctrl+c. It gets even worse when you have to correct and change names; pressing the backspace button erases the entire line backward non-stop. I didn't finish all the questions because it was really impossible to type, and my score was 40%. Not because I had answered incorrectly, but due to the physical impossibility of writing. In filler.sh, I scored 80 out of 125. I didn't say anything because I thought it was my fault. I noticed that the PSI application would often hang, and I assumed it was due to my 30Mbps internet or the Wi-Fi connection. Yesterday, on 21/06, more prepared and using a 1G Ethernet cable directly connected to the modem, I made my second attempt. However, even with a wired connection, it was still impossible to type commands and correct the names by deleting them. I raised my concern to the proctor, and they ended the exam for me. So, the blame is on me for complaining about an application that claims my notebook and internet are suitable for taking the exam, but in reality, it's impossible to type the commands. The CKA is a performance-based exam. How do they expect me to pass if I can't even type? How can the verification application claim that everything is OK for the exam when I can't actually write? What are the internet and computer requirements for having an experience where I can type normally? Could you recommend a specific time and day for scheduling another CKA exam if I decide to purchase again? What will happen with the other 4 exams I bought? Will I encounter the same problem? What's the point of taking the preparation course if I can't pass the exam? Should I just turn the page and accept that I lost $700?



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