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LAB 2.1 Installing and Running Virtual Machines - How to?

Hello, I am taking the LFS216 course and have some experience running virtual machines, however some of the terms and instructions given on this page are a little confusing. I don't quite understand. How do I follow the instructions to complete the assignment?.

I have Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager, how would I go from there?


  • dnx
    dnx Posts: 32

    I've started this course yesterday, and so far I've got as far as trying to run the VMs. I agree, the instructions could be a lot better, and assuming we're all on Windows or x86 Macs is something I don't think is very friendly. Macs are ARM now, so those x86 VMs aren't going to work, this is the situation I'm in. A Linux Foundation that assumes we're all using Windows is a little sad.

    Providing Vagrantfiles for the labs would be great imho! Providing instructions for Virtualbox &/or KVM would be very useful otherwise. How much CPU? RAM? etc?

    For me, I'm now trying Virtualbox on a Fedora laptop I've just installed, and I can't get anywhere despite using SCSI which is the only tip I've seen so far. VMWare Player for Linux is something I thought I could try, but is advertised as running single vms only, so I don't think that'll get us very far.

    I'll see how I go with debugging virtualbox before trying to learn KVM. If I find a way I'll post how it worked for me.

  • dnx
    dnx Posts: 32

    VMWare Player for Linux ended up working fine for me, so far. Doesn't actually have a limitation of one VM at a time. Will see how it goes from here! I do agree the docs could do with a little tidying and extra help, especially with regard to ARM macs.


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