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PSI exam environment is very bad.

santanu.mondal01 Posts: 3
edited November 2023 in LFS258 Class Forum

I did the CKA exam yesterday(05/26/2023) .(TCCS-70848). exam env very slow. PSI browser was showing not responding then I asked the proctor to pause the exam. the technical team takes remote season. when the environment looks quite better and I asked the proctor to resume the exam but it appeared like the exam has been ended. a support ticket raised by PSI proctor ticket #3463899. I have one ticket (TCCS-70848) . 24hrs past no one working on it. tickets were raised during the exam window but no one here to listen


  • peijinwu

    same, ticket response too slow

  • parashar1505

    I wanted to buy the voucher for the exam, but seeing all these horrible feedbacks and seeing the ongoing apathy of this org to not address these issues at all, I feel dismayed. This is what a monopoly does! This has been going on for years, ever since they asked people to use the browser on some remote desktop, and no one cares to address this. If they want surveillance, they can ask folks to go to testing centers and stop people from taking exams at home. That would be far saner and wiser than making people go through these tech difficulties and fail the exam because of it. Don't know if this will ever be addressed. Doesn't look like though!


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