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Evolution mail, calendar printing appointments, sharing memos

vanquishedangel Posts: 2
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So I have been looking more into evolution mail and it is great! A bit of back story to explain what I am asking. I run a group home for special needs and the facilities use MS office both installed and online. We also use MS calendars for scheduling appointments and such and this helps tremendously when it come to collaborating appointments and staffing for the different facilities (this was also my idea) and has eliminated hours of our time with phone tag.

I use Linux at home (MX on my main computer, and q4os on my personally owned work netbook). Evolution has been amazing with this as I have connected it to my facilities MS office account. Thanks to evolution I have realized other possibilities as well. The Memos are great (stored as notes in outlook on office 365) and print professionally enough but I would like to share them with the other management team. I also use the calendar and I have a couple of questions here.

When searching appointments I used the residents initials as I place those in the title for the appointment. I have also started putting the notes from those appointments in the description section of the appointment they are for. Every 6 months I have to update the teams and do an appointment list with the notes to accompany the plan for their care that I draw up.

So lets say the initials are "SPE". I would search out all the appointments for "SPE" and then a list shows in the list view. When printing (ctrl+P) it prints the appointment title, the date it started and the date it ended, is there a way to include the description as well?

So far all I can do this a month at a time, but can I list between certain dates? I only need the last 6 months not years go.

Is there a way to share memos other then emailing, like from the MS office account through evolution so that we all may edit them in real time?

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