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Brave doesn't work well with slides AND links to ISO's


Hi everyone.
I have used brave browser with a lot of MOOC's and LF courses. It doesn't, however, show the slides in chapter 4. It is my choice to use that browser, so the buck stops with me. This isn't 'on' the LinuxFoundation. Just a heads-up. I have switched to the chromium browser which works as expected.
Furthermore, the link for the download of ubuntu (as used in brave browser) crashed networking on my Debian laptop. I can't be bothered to troubleshot the issue. Instead I've rebooted and I have chosen to find the ISO on ubuntu's website. Links supplied as a service to other students. Verify the ISO yourselves. I also post the link for the torrent-seed-file as I prefer to use transmission to download ISO's if available. Others might also.


I write this as a service to fellow students. Use at your own discretion. I hope this doesn't violate any terms of use or such.

Cheers everyone.


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