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Terrible PSI session experience. Session disconnected and timer didn't pause

chauszarrar Posts: 1
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Hi Team,

I got a terrible experience during my exam.

The session was very slow when i switched between terminal/browser/questionscreen. Although i had passed my system checks and have a good strong internet speed. So slowness of my INternet ruled-out.

The exam session kicked me out in the middle of exam and when i returned the PSI browser session. I had to again submit all my documents and video screening stuff. Most importantly, the exam TIMER DIDNT STOP. Hope you understand how stressful it is to give exam in such scenarios. I could so easily have completed my exam but due to the timer issue I couldnt complete. This is disappointing and unacceptable. I had a chat with live support and he only keeps saying 'He doesnt have any knowledge about this'

PLease help me how should I proceed now as it is so stressful and theres a huge amount of money and effort spend in preparing for CKA. Request you to give my hard-earned money back or my attempt back.

Raised a support ticket but have no hopes receiving a response soon considering the lowest standards of Linux foundation support. Please help overcome this anxiety as it's difficult to consume this psi experience despite knowing everything about the exam and possessing the knowledge to clear it.


  • kbarratt
    kbarratt Posts: 38

    Hello @chauszarrar,

    We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused. The Linux Foundation Customer Support team will assist you in rescheduling the exam at a later time. If you have opened a ticket with them at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org, it can take several business days (no holidays or weekends) for the Support team to respond, especially due to the high volume of inquiries this time of the year.

    We appreciate your patience while the team is working to assist you.


    Kassidy Barratt
    The Linux Foundation Training Team


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