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Confusion and concern about course material


I purchased the bundle of this course with the LFCA certification.

I already have a few years of Linux experience. I'm currently on Chapter 7, and I'm concerned that the material seems to be merely skimming the surface in some places, and overloaded with detailed commands in others. Are we supposed to just get the basic concepts down, or memorize all the various commands and steps?

Also, some of the quiz questions are marked as wrong, then when I go back and look at the material, I find out that I actually chose the correct answer. It's extremely confusing.

I paid a lot of money for the bundle, but I have no idea if this course is going to adequately prepare me for the LFCA exam. And since I'm more than three days in before becoming concerned, I can't get a refund.

Does anyone have any insight on this? Will this course fully prepare me for the LFCA exam?


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