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SPOILER - Problem with 2nd Quiz


A correct answer to Which of the following applies to a Commit ID? Only one answer is correct. contains a. Tamper proof.

I am not sure if the obvious is stated: "A hash is only the same hash as long as it is unmodified". This is not a question that most people (bold claim) would expect in this class, so it is likely to have a different meaning. This could lead quickly to the assumption that a commit id uniquely identifies a commit and can not be tampered with. The SHA-1 hashes were as far as I know never meant for security. They can easily be reproduced by adding spaces after modifying contents of a commit. This is why the commits are singed for security and countermeasure to tampering as explained in the chapter.

I am tempted to say that a is really wrong. At least it could lead new developers easily to wrong assumptions. In my opinion the option should be removed or the meaning should be clarified.

I am open to learn why this option is correct and learn something new.


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