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Am I missing something here?

So basically, I am trying to run docker image build -t but I am getting an error. This was the exact syntax in the Lab (Lab 7) so I must be missing something here.

In the practice of doing some troubleshooting, the only things coming to mind are (1) it might be because the directory path is messed up; I accidentally made a folder that I cloned the LFS repo to :D or (2) maybe the docker image build command is now docker image buildx

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  • millerrc18
    millerrc18 Posts: 3
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    Alright, found the answer :D

    After a fun jump down the rabbit hole of the Docker Build documentation, the following command builds the image:

    $ docker build --tag=XXXX .

    So for me, I just had to do $ sudo docker build --tag=dcmillz/worker:v2 .

    Posting the link to the documentation and screenshot just in case!


  • millerrc18
    millerrc18 Posts: 3

    For additional context, here is the lab

  • gouravshah
    gouravshah Posts: 139

    @millerrc18 when you miss the PATH, in this case the "." at the end which is both, path to build context and also the default path to Dockerfile, you get this error. Glad you already figured out.


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