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Auwful experience with CKA exam PSI brigde

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On 3rd May I did my CKA exam but I could not finish it.

I encountered so many problems during my CKA exam with the linux terminal of the remote desktop. I am using a MacBook Pro 14" M1 Max Ventura 13.1 and I was unable to type or write into console terminal so I could not write commands on it.

I had to exit psi browser 3 times and passing again all camara and ID check so you end to lossing concentration. The support only tell you to restart the browser and the same issue happened again, for some CKA questions the keyboard was working and minutes later it stopped to work properly.

It was a frustrating experience and so annoying. I could ask a free retake for the exam so it is restart it again but the remote environment it is really bad. KodeCloud, KillerCode or Killer.sh have better user experience and terminals that the site you are supposed to do the exam.


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    If you have not done so already, please open a ticket with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org and they will assist you with rescheduling the exam.


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