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Office hours - May 2 (LFD201)



Today we conducted a short troubleshooting session to determine the root cause of an error from the LFD259 - Kubernetes for Developers course.

The error was encountered after the completion of Steps 5, 6 and 7 from Lab exercise 7.1 - Exposing Applications: Expose a Service.

The error was caused by a mismatch between the existing secondapp service selector and the deployment newserver label. The newserver deployment running the httpd container image introduced the app=newserver key/value pair label, while the secondapp service selector was configured with the example=newserver key/value pair label.

On Step 7 the expectation is that both the key and the value of the service selector get updated to match the key and the value of the label from the deployment pod. The selector was searching for the example=newserver key/value pair, while the deployment pod label was app=newserver key/value pair. Even though the value (newserver) was a match, the mismatch in keys (example vs. app) was not allowing the service to find and communicate with the desired deployment pod.

Due to poor audio quality the session was not recorded.



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