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I was marked absent for CKA exam



I had raised scheduled my cka exam 

Date- 15th April

Time: 14:30pm(IST)

I was marked absent from the exam wherein I was trying to launch the exam and I faced a lot of technical challenges even though I was able to do a system check and everything was working fine which can be seen since my screen was being shared. Below are the issues I faced:

1. It was not detecting webcam

2. It was not detecting microphone

3. PSI browser was crashing very frequently. I fixed the above issues and As soon I as reached the checkin page and show the proctor chat box, I tried reaching out to the proctor and got no response and within some time my browser crashed

it has been 4 days I have been trying to reach out to the customer support

Below are the tickets raised



I have received no response.(IT ticket was marked as won’t do)

I need to give the exam ASAP.

Need some contact person who can help on this



  • fcioanca
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    edited April 2023

    Hi, Tickets are processed in the order received; processing time can take several business days (no weekends or holidays). Once the LF Customer Support team will start working on your TCCS-66724 ticket, rest assured they will assist you.


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