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CKAD exam issue due to name mismatch

kkrishnan Posts: 1
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hi LinuxFoundation Team,
i couldn't take the CKAD exam on 26th March due to name mismatch between my ID and in Exam portal. I see similar issue faced by other users like "supermike". The LinuxFoundation Support Ticket is moving very slowly "TCCS-64698". I provided all the info during Ticket creation; still the first response contacts me after 4 business days requesting my name details. Then another 4 business days mentioning working on the issue. Another 2 days mentioning reaching out to PSI Exam team. Already 11 days wait just to get my name sync'd in the system properly. These exam preparation takes a lot of efforts, and such delays are frustrating. This is a bug (name not syncing properly) in your exam portal and i am penalized with these delays. I have also contacted PSI exam support twice PSI Ticket: 3290229 (raised on 26th March 2023), PSI Ticket: 3317014 (raised on 5th April 2023 ). Please expedite/escalate the Support Ticket and provide a resolution asap.


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