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LFS263 prerequisite


Hello all!
I’d like to buy the course.

May I ask you to help me with prerequisite. I mean the lab info:


Lab exercises will be conducted on seven custom VMs (six VMs for setting up ONAP, and 1 VM for Kubernetes cloud) in your GCP account. The approximate cloud cost should be $4/hour paid directly to GCP. (This can vary depending on the amount of time your VMs are running, your location, and price changes from GCP). Detailed instructions to set up your lab environment are provided in the course.


I have own servers and can create 7 or more VMs. Can you pls inform me:

  1. Let me know the resource (vCPU/RAM/HDD/NIC) for all 7 VM to perform the labs for the course LFS263.

  2. Which Linux distribute(s) must be used/pre-installed for 7 VM ?

  3. Does the course provide how to install ONAP by using my 7 VM ? Can I install ONAP myself due to the instructions of the course ? I’m afraid ONAP will be pre-installed on 7 VM in GCP. How can I install ONAP myself ? Is it possible ? Is installation process part of the labs of ONAP?

Thank you in advance

Best Regards,



  • wjohnston

    Be careful. It cost me $500 for just 7 days. About $90/day. Set it up just as per instruction in lab.


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