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How to make this networking task, VMs, LXC


I need your help how to setup networking properly, on linux to accomplish this what i want.

i have laptop, which runs Manjaro. it's IP is, static in router.
i have another laptop, from which i connect to this laptop via ssh. works as expected. okay.

but then, i want to do some cool stuff, as programmer, and because of that, i wanted to have VM running, just for that (so it doesnt clutter my manjaro installation).
so i installed KVM, QEMU, Virtual Machine Manager.
installed Ubuntu Server.
and in that VM, it's IP is:
i haven't touched Network tab in VMM, it's on default, NAT mode.

and after that, in that Ubuntu VM, i installed LXC, and that LXC have it's own IP address too, when it's running.

so now i have 3 layers in order to access LXC IP and manage LXC apps.

what i really want:
1. is to be able to directly ssh, into VM, without needing to ssh into manjaro first and via manjaro to ubuntu ssh (as VM is only accesible to laptop inner network). I don't want it to use ethernet at all. It uses only wifi. And that's the issue i encountered when trying to create network bridge, because i'm using wifi, and most tutorials are for ethernet config.
Because it's laptop, you know what NIC it have, one ethernet port and wifi. And that's it.
wifi adapter doesn't support being in master mode (i don't know , i tried following tutorials, but got confused..)

2. be able to use LXC network as well. So i can also, directly ssh into LXC.

3. or i'm not sure, but i just want to be able, for instance, when i install apache server in LXC, to be able to access it in my home network. so, i can install all my apps in LXC, whatever i want, and be able to directly access them over my own home network. 

i tried understanding bridging, but as i mentioned, i tried, but got confused, because most tutorials i found, are geared towards ethernet, and are not meant to be used for what i want to do. to be able to access that apache server i installed in LXC deep inside Ubuntu VM which is inside Manjaro. where only direct IP from router standpoint is my Manjaro installation.

how this can be done ?


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