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About /bin and /sbin

I have a question, according to what I have read, /bin can be a symbolic link to /usr/sbin. And also it says that /usr can be in a separate partition.

What happens if it is necessary to do a system repair? Would the basic /bin binaries be available?


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  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
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    When you have the symbolic links, you can no longer have them in separate partitions. It is partly because people recognized no one was using separate partitions anymore that the links were established on almost all distros :) Actually they can be on separate partitions for a while but then yhou have to have ln -s /bin /usr/bin etc. It's is just not worth it.


  • yperez
    yperez Posts: 8

    Thank you,

    I imagine that if you do it in a separate partition then the installation process does not make the symbolic links.

    Thanks for your quick response.

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    interesting point. I don't know what they do if you do such a scheme (/usr on a separate partition than /bin and /etc etc.) :)


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