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Single Top Menu Bar for all applications



Im looking for a and Linux distribution that has a GUI that provides a single Menu bar for all applications which changes depending on which program has focus(like a OSX) rather than a menu bar for each application window (like MSoft Windows). It also needs to be relatively light in its use of resources as it will run as a virtual machine on an machine with an Intel i3 processor. I have tried Ububtu which has the Unity interface and found it slower than I would like.

Any advice appreciated.



  • ridermansb
    You could find a way?
    Would I like a top menu for the Linux Mint
  • simoninkin

    I know it's  a bit old, but I come from the OS X world myself, thought I'd share my findings. Try Arch Linux + Xfce4 + topmenu-gtk + Plank + some additional config (have to figure out yourself, sry) + functinal keys remapping for a much closer resemblance of OS X behaviour.

    For the lonely stranger who's tired of pressing that pesky Ctrl function key with their pinky I suggest remapping Alt to Ctrl and Ctrl to Alt, which would give a significantly more pleasant OS X-like experience of pressing keyboard shortcuts with a thumb. Observe, my .Xmodmap file:


    ! Swap Control and Alt keys, both sides


    ! First clear all modifiers & control

    clear control

    clear mod1

    clear mod4

    ! Swap Control_L and Alt_L

    keycode 64 = Control_L

    keycode 37 = Alt_L Meta_L

    ! Menu becomes Alt_R Meta_R (AltGr)

    keycode 135 = Alt_R Meta_R

    ! Define Control_R and Alt_R similar to Control_L and Alt_L

    keycode 108 = Control_L

    keycode 105 = Alt_L Meta_L

    ! We need to set keycodes first, as some programs (emacs!) read

    ! the key names and seem to ignore what's below.

    add mod1    = Alt_L Alt_R Meta_L Meta_R

    add mod4    = Super_L Super_R

    add control = Control_L Control_R


    Additionally, you would have to play around with Xfwm and Xfce keyboard shortcuts to make them feel more OS X like, according to the Ctrl Alt switch. Also, if you use Firefox, there's an add on called "Key config", which would help remapping the usual browser Ctrl+Tab tabswitcher to Alt+Tab, which would give you a proper OS X experience within a browser as well. You'd understand what I mean by all of that if you use OS X's shortcuts heavily.


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