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Best Javascript Concept Course and Resources

vitor.avancini Posts: 1
edited March 2023 in LFW211 Class Forum

In Chapter 5, the author mentions, "This section does not set out to cover the entire JavaScript language, for that a separate course would be necessary."

What are the best sources you have consumed or courses you've done?


  • djulius
    djulius Posts: 2

    The best manual I have read is "JavaScript, the definite guide" from David Flanagan.

  • I recommend Colt Steele or Maximilian Schwarzmuller on Udemy.com

  • xdxmxc
    xdxmxc Posts: 139
    edited May 2023

    Douglas Crockfords JavaScript the Good Parts is still relevant, there's more to the language now but the thinking framework for approaching JS that Crockford introduces can be applied to modern JS, it's a useful exercise in itself


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