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After finishing the course, implementation on a real case


Hello everyone,

I recently finished the course and its labs, learning how make different actions and transactions on a **one **Dockered machine.

But now, I want to descentralize (DL) my network ond differente machines, and I want to implement the minimun nodes in the next Docker configuration:

  • First machine: peer0Org1, CouchDB, CAOrg1 and CLI
  • Second machine: peer0Org2, CouchDB, CAOrg2 and CLI
  • Thierd machine: Orderer and CLI

I think thats is the minimun and regarding those mahcines, I am a bit lost of my steps of implementing correctly, because I am editing ./start.sh, ./generate.sh, docker-compose.yml, crypto-config.yaml and the other configurations files, and I will generate the channels (system-channel and aplication channel) with the org1 peer but i dont know if I am doing well and how to implement the next steps....

Can comeone help me in a real case plase?

Thank you all before anything



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