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PSI Issue CKA exam

I took the CKA exam by Friday (10th Mars 2023) and faced several issue with using the exam PSI platform. Actually, this PSI platform sucks @linuxfoundation. I can hardly put into words what I experienced. I was very well prepared. I ran the system compatibility check, and all my system per-checks passed, and everything showed green and ready to fire.

when I clicked « Start Exam », the installation of « PSI Bridge Secure Browser » went smoothly and then an update of the platform launched automatically which took about 20 minutes !! Finally it was loaded onto my Linux machine and I was connected to a Proctor. During the check-in process, when i answered to the proctor, I noticed that my QWERTZ keyboard was translated to QWERTY within the browser and there was no option to change it. Anyway, after being released to take the exam, I tried to answer to first question, but I faced the same issue. I switched the keyboard within the environment, but nothing changed. I noticed that here my QWERTZ keyboard was translated to QWERTY also. Only then I figured out that it was the PSI Browser and asked the Proctor for help since « Speed is the most important thing » to take the exam with success.
The proctor didn't even understand what I wanted and after the timer had already expired 10 minutes and I hadn't even looked at the first task, he just paused the exam and requested support. I was then asked by support to reload the browser which didn’t resolve the problem. I was contacted by the proctor and then by support and this time, I was asked to restart the PSI browser, which I did. After restarting the browser, I had to go through the entire application process again, which included taking pictures of my ID, scanning my entire room using the webcam, and after completing all that, I was faced with the same issue again. The browser froze with this message : « the exam is paused by proctor » and this issue of mixing Azerty keyboard and Qwerty keyboard. Again I was contacted by the proctor and then by support since the problem continued. Again he told me to restart the PSI browser and that didn’t solve the problem one again. This new technical support guy opened a new ticket. Each time, I had to go through the entire application process again. The support Guy claim that my Ubuntu version, which is 22.04 is not supported for the CKA exam and he asked me to downgrade it to version 20.04 !!! My god I just simply wanted to take the exam. However, I had checked all the system requirements on their internet site: https://helpdesk.psionline.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409608794260-PSI-Bridge-Platform-System-Requirements. Ubuntu 22.04 is well listed in the supported versions, and it’s worth to mention that this was my second attempt, the first time i took the exam with the same device and also the SAME Ubuntu version 22.04, I didn’t face any problem. I just got 64 as score !!!
The technical support guy told me to change my device. I told him that even my colleague’s device runs Ubuntu 22.04 and I don’t have any other device. So,for the 5th time, he opened a ticket and asked me to restart the PSI secure browser. I did all the ID and room verification again and once again the same problem. The last guy, Ragie his name, told me that he documented all issues about my situation and invited me to open a Jira ticket without even ensuring me that a retake will be programmed.

I really freaked out, beacause there is nobody out there for you. I hadn't even read a single task at all!
I have a ticket (TCCS-63326) which I opened with the Linux Foundation support on friday 10th Mars, same day as CKA exam, but so far I haven't had any response either.
Please help me out here to reschedule my exam again.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,863

    Hi @bency38

    We are sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with the exam. Response time for LF tickets takes several business days (no weekends or holidays). However, rest assured that the LF Support team will assist you once they start working on your ticket.


  • ponmudivn
    ponmudivn Posts: 2

    Hello @bency38, any updates? i had same problem raised ticket with support but no response from them.

  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 386

    Hi @ponmudivn,

    It can take several business days (no holidays or weekends) for the Support team to respond, depending on the volume. Thank you for your patience while they work to assist all students.


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