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An ideal computer's specifications to follow along this course?

asifikchoudhury Posts: 2
edited March 2023 in LFD103 Class Forum

Up until now, I have tried 2 options while following the course:

-An ubuntu virtual machine on a Windows computer and
-A Chromebook with 7 GB of space as a user

In both cases, I got stuck at chapter 07 where one clone stable release before starting to "make" the project; in both cases, the reason being the instructor instructs to create linux_works directory in the / directory which runs out of space before the cloning operation finishes.

Therefore ideally, to follow along the course material, how much hard drive, CPU and RAM one needs? Is one better off using a Linux VM running on a type II hypervisor like Oracle Virtualbox, use a Chromebook or use cloud solution (which is, by the way, not free)?

Thanks in advance for your time and directives.



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