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As part of LFS258, Which VM instances do I need?


I have just started the LF258, Need t understand which VM instances are required throughout this course.

Which one do I need to use out of "GCP"/"AWS"/"VMs on my laptop"?
As GCP and AWS will be charged right?

Kindly suggest to me the best approach to start this course.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,165

    Hi @mahadevp,

    It is up to the learner to choose the platform, based on preference. The course lab exercises have been successfully completed on GCP GCE instances, AWS EC2 instances, VirtualBox VMs, KVM. But there may be other cloud platforms or hypervisors that could possibly work just as well.
    Each platform comes with its own challenges, and yes, the cloud providers do charge a fee. However, most cloud providers offer free temporary credits for first time users to encourage them to become familiar with their services.

    I would recommend picking the platform that you are most familiar with and most comfortable using. In addition, please watch the infrastructure provisioning videos from the introductory chapter to understand networking requirements and resources needed for each VM instance, together with recommended OS distribution and release. Understanding the Linux command line is highly recommended as well.


  • mahadevp
    mahadevp Posts: 3

    Thank you @chrispokorni


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