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CKA PSI plateform bad experience

during my exam session I've encountered issues when arrived to 10th question , the copy paste didn't work anymore , ctrl+shift+v didn't work , and there was a display grey window that appears everytime that I tried to tap on the terminal , it was blocking me to advance forward on my exam till remaining time ( 90 mins ) has passed , the proctor and support was not able to unlock the situation so I didn't finish the exam , all they had done was to create a support ticket .. I've created a jira ticket for support team too https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/15/TCCS-62932 , I hope it'll be treated soon and I got a guarantee to another retake . Awful experience ..


  • tkdab
    tkdab Posts: 2

    Fortunately , I've passed my retake and I got my certification ! I hope that my experience could be taken into account for the PSI administrators to improve the platform so that other people don't have the same issue in the futur , thanks to The linux foundation for their support , the ticket has been closed .


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