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Lab 4.2 fails on ARM

matsafraid Posts: 1
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Hi all,
My question might be a little off topic because there's no direct mention to using a specific CPU for the course.

However, I had the brilliant idea to create my test cluster on arm64 VMs. All the rest according to course spec, Ubuntu 20.04, kube* 1.26.1-00 and the like. Up to now it works beautifully, no issues.

Problem is that lab 4.2 uses an image created in 2016, only for
amd64: https://hub.docker.com/r/vish/stress/tags/
Now, what's best? Forget about arm and fall back to x64? For my case is kind of easy because its cloud but what about the guys using M1 processors and running on local VMs, or any other situation like that?

For the attention, thanks a lot.


A fix has been submitted to the repository in 2019, and someone fixed the issue and published an updated image on https://hub.docker.com/r/desperex/stress

So for ARM guys, create a deployment as follows:
student@cp: ̃$ kubectl create deployment hog --image desperex/stress



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