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ERROR: for orderer.example.com Cannot create container for service orderer.example.com: Conflict.


I have this problem wen I use "./start.sh" command. It's strange when the script makes all dockers pull and build the containers.

I secure there is no containers running when I use that command.

I hope someone I could help me, I am following the steps correctly ( I think so)

Thank you


  • gorkao2
    gorkao2 Posts: 6

    Ok, I will explain here the solution.

    There was a volume in local which was suing orderer.example.com container. When I "prune" and "rm" all the volumes, the solution comes.

    Thank you

  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 190

    @gorkao2, Hello, It can be incredibly frustrating to encounter difficulty in setting up the environment I applaud your efforts and am pleased you found the solution and shared it with the forum folks. Keep up the good work. Bobbi


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