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Just wanting to know if there is a defined date set yet for the changes for LFCS March 2023?


I have completed all my courses and I just took my LFCS, still awaiting the results. But I was super nervous in the exam and I know I made a few stupid mistakes i.e. with the copy and paste option...I maybe picked up the wrong file name to delete :scream: after successfully completing what was needed for the now deleted file and then the exam finished...before I could resurrect the deleted file and fix it :cry: . So hedging my bets and wanting to find out if there is an actual date for the changes for LFCS exam March 2023?

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    Hi @bearynatural

    While we do not have an exact date for the upcoming LFCS, we will notify all candidates at least 6 weeks in advance when the new exam goes live, and what the major changes are. At the same time, the exam page will be updated as well.

    I hope this helps.
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