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Issues with Lab in 3.1 on Ubuntu 22.04 on AWS

hopkinsjason7 Posts: 1
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Hi, I hope this saves some other people a whole bunch of time. Following the instructions on the course didn't work for me - the control plane containers were in crash loops as nothing could talk to ectd (I think). Lots of these errors in sys log:

"Failed creating a mirror pod for" err="Post \"https://k8scp:6443/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/pods\": dial tcp connect: connection refused" pod="kube-s ystem/kube-controller-manager-ip-172-31-12-59"

And loads of connection refused to localhost:2379 in the container logs (/var/log/containers/...)

I found a fix for the issue described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55571566/unable-to-bring-up-kubernetes-api-server

Basically, after you've installed containerd and set up the config in these steps:

apt-get update && apt-get install containerd.io -y
containerd config default | tee /etc/containerd/config.toml

Do this:

sed -i 's/SystemdCgroup = false/SystemdCgroup = true/g' /etc/containerd/config.toml


systemctl restart containerd

And everything should work....


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @hopkinsjason7,

    Following the instructions on the course didn't work for me

    You are correct, the instructions were never tested on Ubuntu 22.04. However, the same instructions from the lab guide are calling for Ubuntu 20.04, and, if followed closely they should work.


  • hadgiyata
    hadgiyata Posts: 1

    Попаднах на много високо ниво, тук при вас което не е за мен. Преди няколко години съм работил с Убунту, май беше 16, но тия дни инсталирах Убунту 22.04 и представете си не мога да намеря Офиса, а искам да си водя записки.
    Моля, ако някой желае да ми обясни как да стигна до Офиса. Текстовия редактор не ми върши работа.
    Благодаря предварително!

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,190

    Hi @hadgiyata,

    This forum is not intended for Ubuntu and Microsoft products, such as Office, compatibility. I would recommend finding a forum dedicated for the Ubuntu OS and post your question there.



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