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LFD259 Study Material is of unbelievably low quality

I'm sorry. There is absolutely nothing readable in this course.

It seems somebody prepared this course when he/she was working two other full time jobs.

I paid 250$ or so, after a 50% discount.. I feel this is nothing short of a scam.

Pick any part of the course, you will see grammatical mistakes, formatting errors and most importantly very very shallow or nonexistent treatment of the subject.

Read this:

"When a volume is requested, the local kubelet uses the kubelet_pods.go script to map the raw devices, determine and make the mount point for the container, then create the symbolic link on the host node filesystem to associate the storage to the container. The API server makes a request for the storage to the StorageClass plugin, but the specifics of the requests to the backend storage depend on the plugin in use."

I read this no less than 10 times, I still do not understand what he's trying to say.

Or this passage:

"In order to encrypt secrets, you must create an EncryptionConfiguration object with a key and proper identity. Then, the kube-apiserver needs the --encryption-provider-config flag set to a previously configured provider, such as aescbc or ksm. Once this is enabled, you need to recreate every secret, as they are encrypted upon write. Multiple keys are possible. Each key for a provider is tried during decryption. The first key of the first provider is used for encryption. To rotate keys, first create a new key, restart (all) kube-apiserver processes, then recreate every secret."

No wonder this course has low rating.

I feel embarrassed that I jumped at the "50% discount" pitch without checking on the feedback


  • muhozag
    muhozag Posts: 1

    Completely agree. Very low level. I came to it after taking a 10-dollar course on udemy that is much better only because I was worried that maybe the material in that course does not closely match the exam.


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