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CKA exam completed but badge not recieved

I have completed CKA exam but badge is not issued in credley.Credley says linux foundation should issue badge.As per initial email it states we should get badge within 7 days but 7 days have elapsed but badge not received.

Ticket is created with support but not picked up.Anyone else facing this issue?

Looks like support desk is not existent.What is SLA for issuing badge after completion and what is SLA for support desk to pick tickets?


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,761

    Hi @hdeepakshenoy

    Response time can take several business days (no weekends or holidays), as tickets are assigned and resolved in the order they are received. Once they get to your ticket, they will assist you. Regarding the badge, this would be a re-issue for your recertification, and this may have triggered issues on the Credly side, but they will be resolved by the Support team.


  • Also even during exam proctor was late , proctor took 45 minutes for I’d verification . Very poor quality

  • @fcioanca but is there a SLA for this . I feel this may take years without SLA. Anyone can say several business days . Several can be 7 days or 765 days. I feel by the time they provide badge I may gave to provide new certification

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,761

    The SLA depends on the volume of tickets in the Support backlog, and I cannot provide an exact number of business days. It can vary from 3 to 7 business days usually, but there can be exceptions.

    Regarding the exam proctor, they are overseen by PSI, not LF.

  • @fcioanca well let’s say I wait for 10 business days and badge is not issued and no support picked up is there greievience mechanism in Linux foundation ? Issuing a badge is least basic step . Aws issues badge same time as result .

    in my case I needed to be on LinkedIn for new job and looking at reply I don’t think it will ever be issued without SLA


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