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Intoducing myself


Hey Everyone!I am new to this tech field .Currently I Am persuing my B.Tech degree..I am here to gain some skills on practical work...


  • fasultana
    fasultana Posts: 1

    Hello everyone, I am doing master's in cybersecurity. I am interested to learn the basics of Open Source Software (OSS).

  • jhoel
    jhoel Posts: 1

    Hey there, I am recently diving into this world, I am glad to be part of this big community. I hope to learn a lot and to put the best of me!

  • dezs
    dezs Posts: 1

    Hello all, I'm a 4th year undergraduate who just taken a dip in this community. I am entertaining the idea of getting more experiences by projects in the open source world. I hope you guy have a nice days

  • cloudman11
    cloudman11 Posts: 2
    edited August 2023

    Hello everyone, I am in my 3rd year of Computer Science Engineering..

  • deleadigun

    Hey everyone! 👋

    I'm Adigun Akindele, a passionate DevOps engineer.

    I'm here to dive into the exciting world of tech.


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