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Portable Container Packaged Into a Single File

kaisong Posts: 13
edited February 2023 in LFS253 Class Forum

I came across a container platform, SingularityCE. It packages an application and all its dependencies into a portable and executable file.

This seems to fall into the category of Application Container. Is my understanding correct? There seems to be many compelling use cases that SingularityCE supports. Will this type of capability to be ported to the OCI the standard?


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @kaisong,

    Singularity is a container runtime designed for high performance computing, which in its latest releases expanded its support for OCI compliant containers and images.


  • kaisong

    Makes sense. Does this make singularity a third type of runtime (not app container runtime, nor OCI container runtime)? It's a HPC runtime that is OCI compliant. Or, does it make it OCI runtime?


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