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Uploaded application process task little late, will it lead to cancellation?

anuprebel Posts: 6

Guys, there is one task as the "application process" which was due on the 3rd, I was actively following mentorship to contribute this year. While I was preparing the patch for other tasks, I missed the deadline of this "application process" task and I uploaded it on 4th Feb.

Right now I am sending other patches and uploading them as well.

I want to know will it lead to the cancellation of my application as I only missed the deadline for uploading one task.

I am in dilemma now about what will happen. I am not motivated to submit other patches as confused about what will happen. Can anyone please help me?


  • vincenzopalazzo

    I'm in the same situation because I did not note that the task was not sorted by the deadline. However, it is always a great learning experience, so I will do it anyway and see what happens next

  • benng1024

    Same here, I applied on 4th Feb not expecting some tasks are already over due. Nevertheless the beginner course and other tasks are very helpful and covered some blindspots I previously missed in my studies, so I'd say it's well worth it.

  • anuprebel

    @ShuahKhanLF Can you please comment on this? Different deadlines are really confusing.

    Can we say that 21st Feb 2021 is the last date for uploading all the prerequisite tasks? For example, I completed LFD103 on 27th Jan but I uploaded it today.
    Hope you understand our concern. This will also help us to do good research and send quality patches.


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