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wastemem script

Copying and pasting the wastemem script is taking more time than I'd like.

running this:

gcc -o lab_wastemem lab_wastemem.c

results in

c1: fatal error: lab_wastemem.c: No such file or directory

Thanks for assistance.


  • Hi Michael,

    You are most likely trying to compile lab_wastemem.c in the wrong directory. Try to find the absolute path of the file, that may help you:

    gcc -o lab_wastemem /home/youruser/Downloads/LFS207/SOLUTIONS/s_17/lab_wastemem.c


  • coop
    coop Posts: 913

    Thanks @vipopescu. In fact as you scroll down to the solution you will also see s_17/lab_waste.sh. Which will do the compile for you although it is so simple it adds little. Make sure you understand the "RESOURCES" and "SOLUTIONS" tar balls that are mentioned in the introduction. You will need to use them again when you get to the virtualization labs for example. You definitely were not meant to cut and paste the source for the lab. Very error-prone.

  • Thanks guys! I figured out my mistake. You're right @vipopescu, I was simply in the wrong directory!


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