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PSI COULDN'T launch the CKAD exam : (TCCS-57529)

MY CKAD exam was scheduled on date 13 JAN 2023. I tried to launch the exam with PSI but it’s cloudn’t, The technical team asked to reschedule the exam. But I am not able to reschedule the exam. The support ticket is 3120064.

Can someone let me know if will LF allows rescheduling the exam in this scenario?
I didn't get any response to my ticket also the Granding process has been started, although I have not given the exam.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,899

    Hi @ravi111203

    If you have an LF ticket opened (starting with TCCS-), the LF Customer Support team will assist you once they get to your ticket (as each one is addressed in the order received). Current response time is higher than usual due to a larger backlog. You will be able to reschedule after your ticket is resolved.



  • Thanks, Flavia

    I opened a JIRA ticket with LF on 13th Jan itself. The ticket number is TCCS-57529.
    It's been more than five days, there is no response to the ticket. There are many complaints regarding the PSI mode of examination. Is there an option to appear for the CAKD/CKA examination at some exam centre physically. ? I am afraid that the second time also I can face the same or some other technical issue..

    Please advise.

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,899
    edited January 2023

    LF exams can only be taken online, there is no on-site location.


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