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CKA exam PSI exam screen didn't come up - 15th Jan'23

saltajun Posts: 1
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Hi team, I scheduled my 2nd exam attempt CKA on 15th Jan 21.00 IST. I logged in at 20.30 and the exam monitoring and admission checks happened @21.00 hrs. After 30 minutes of admission check, the exam module was released as per the message shown but the exam module didn't turn up. Then technical support team for PSI pitch in and they have asked to restart the router where the internet is completely stable. Then after restarting the browser and the router, I joined in back.
I have asked to go for the admission process again and they have took 30 minutes again for the same. Again landed with the same issue, this time they have taken a remote to anydesk by sending link to the gmail and then reinstalled the PSI browser and again I relaunched my exam.
3rd time, again they asked to go for admission process for 30 minutes even after me saying the issue happened and the case raised. After clearing the admission process, I have to go for same issue again. and the proctor paused my screen and wanted to involve technical support again whereas no solution.
Could you please imagine a person sitting in the same place from 20.30hrs to 01.30hrs around 5hrs in the same place without any progress. I was really fed up and this is my worst ever online exam experience I have faced till now.
Really worried on this process and after this experience I am hearing many such has got this type of scenarios. Is there any action taken against this PSI browser issues?
I have raised a support ticket TCCS-57785 and I am yet to hear from the team. It is about money, effort and the time spent for this. Looking forward for a positive response.


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