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CKA Exam not started even after Proctor released the exam - PSI Secure Browser issue.

chsingh Posts: 2
edited January 2023 in LFD259 Class Forum

On 14th Jan 2023, I joined the CKA exam via PSI Secure browser and even after completion of all proctored checking process - my exam never even started. Two times, PSI Support technical teams checked the issue and both time after proctored has released the exam - I was not able to see exam screen (It was Blank screen on PSI Secure Browser). Even PSI Technical Team : did troubleshooting twice but they were unable to resolve the issue. Finally, they asked me to postpone the exam and get in touch with Linux Foundation team and given me ticket id : 3122109 from there end.

I am feeling totally frustrated due to this issue & did not expected to get my exam postponed. Wasted my complete 1.5 Hrs just to keep doing check-in process and start the exam.

Ticket Raised to Linux Foundation : **TCCS-57610 ** Kindly support on this one.

I would say even if your System requirements is showing passed - i does not mean your PSI Secure browser and exam experience shall be okay.

**Linux Foundation should think giving option to attend the exam from PSI Testing Center : Proctored Center Exam. **



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